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Case Number: 20STCV05332    Hearing Date: December 10, 2020    Dept: 56

The following three appraisers are appointed by the Court pursuant to California Corporations Code Section 177707.03: John Pico, Chris Hamilton and Diane Anderson Murphy (collectively, the “Appraisers”).  Each of the Appraisers shall serve on all counsel and on each other and file with the Court his or her appraisal by February 11, 2021.  All appraisals shall be of the subject membership interest in the LLC, as of the valuation date of February 10, 2020.  The dealership shall retain and initially pay the Appraisers, with any cost allocation to be reserved for determination by the Court.  All communications by the Appraisers with counsel shall include all counsel.  All work by the Appraisers shall be performed subject to Protective Order.  All documents shall be equally made available to all of the Appraisers, although there is no obligation for any appraiser to review or use any documents should he or she decline to do so. 



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