Judge Gregory Wilson Alarcon, son of the late Honorable Arthur Lawrence Alarcon, received his B.A. from UCLA, and his J.D. from Loyola Law School Los Angeles in 1981. After passing the California bar, he worked as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California, a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, and an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California. Since 1991, he has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University School of Law, teaching Trial Practice, Evidence, Trial Preparation and Settlement, and Trial Skills and Landmark Cases. Additionally, he teaches ethics to other judges, and helps train and educate new judges. He was appointed to the bench by Governor Pete Wilson in 1993.



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2017 David McKibben Excellence in Teaching award

2013 Constitutional Right’s Foundation “of the Year” award

2013 Carlos Moreno Judicial Excellence award from the Mexican American Bar Association



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