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*UPDATE* rulings.law recently suffered a massive data loss resulting in the deletion of all of the rulings in its database. We are working to rebuild rulings.law to make it better than it ever was before. In the meantime, rulings.law will be adding new rulings to its database every day, so please continue to visit and use the site. Thank you for your support.

rulings.law is the free, searchable, online database of California tentative rulings. It relies on advertising revenue to stay free and provide access to justice for all.

Start your legal research with rulings.law and save time and money, while also gaining valuable insight about your judges. You can make your briefs more persuasive when you get your legal authority from your judges' own rulings. Combine words and phrases with AND, OR, NO to get more specific results (e.g., "summary judgment" AND "market").

Using rulings.law's simple platform, you can easily find out what cases your judges cite, what arguments persuade them, and how they have ruled on similar issues in the past. To find out more, click the FAQ link below or reach out to us using the Contact link if you have questions or comments.

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