Judge: Craig Griffin, Case: Obnibene v. Ognibene, Date: 2023-05-22 Tentative Ruling

Before the court is the unopposed motion by William Hanley to withdraw as counsel for Peter Sabatino Ognibene c/o Marie Greco temporary conservator c/o Susan M. Masson, Esq., MASSON FATINI, LLP, 4 Park Plaza, Ste. 1240, Irvine, CA 92614.  Moving counsel failed to file and serve a proposed order as required by Rule 3.1362.  Moving Counsel also failed to complete paragraph 1 on the Notice of Motion.  The motion is therefore DENIED without prejudice and the Court will set another date for a Motion to Be Relieved for June 26, 2023 to allow moving counsel to file and serve all required documents. 


On the Court’s own motion, the Court will also continue the Motion to Be Relieved as Counsel which is presently on calendar for 6/5/23 (ROA 100) to June 26, 2023 to allow moving counsel to ensure that motion complies with Rule 3.1362 and so that the two motions are heard concurrently.


Moving counsel is ordered to give notice of this ruling.