Judge: David A. Hoffer, Case: 30-202-1129807, Date: 2022-08-15 Tentative Ruling

The motion by defendant Proactive Realty Investments, Inc. (“PRI”) for an order granting leave to file a cross-complaint against co-defendant United Service Works, Inc. dba United Drain & Plumbing is GRANTED.


The court finds that PRI’s cross-complaint is transactionally related to plaintiff’s complaint, (See Time for Living, Inc. v. Guy Hatfield Homes/All American Develop. Co. (1991) 230 Cal.App.3d 30, 38-39) and that the interests of justice will be served by granting leave to PRI to file its cross-complaint against United. (CCP §428.50(c)).


The court also GRANTS United’s unopposed request for a trial continuance.  The current trial date of 10/24/2022 is vacated.  Trial is set on 2/13/23.  All cut-off dates are per Code based on the new trial date.


PRI is ordered to file and serve its cross-complaint within 5 days and to give notice of this ruling.