Judge: Deirdre Hill, Case: 23TRCV00259, Date: 2023-03-03 Tentative Ruling


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Case Number: 23TRCV00259    Hearing Date: March 3, 2023    Dept: M

Superior Court of California

County of Los Angeles

Southwest District

Torrance Dept. M








Case No.:








[Tentative] RULING















Hearing Date:                         March 3, 2023


Moving Parties:                      Petitioner Rafaela Araujo Rodriguez

Responding Party:                  None

Petition to Approve Compromise of Pending Action of Minor


            The court considered the moving papers.


The court is inclined to grant petitioner’s Petition to Approve Compromise of Pending Action on behalf of minor claimant Lian Arath Galeana Araujo.

Pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 7.952(a), petitioner and minor claimant are required to attend the hearing on the petition but the court dispenses with the requirement as to minor claimant based on the amount in settlement.


On January 30, 2023, plaintiff Lian Arath Galeana Araujo, a minor by and through guardian ad litem, Rafaela Araujo Rodriguez, filed a complaint against Manojam Kuzky-Rajappan for motor vehicle negligence.  Plaintiff alleges that on February 11, 2022, plaintiff was walking in a crosswalk on southbound Carson St. towards Denker Avenue.  At the same time and place, defendant made a left turn from Denker Avenue onto Carson Street and struck plaintiff resulting in severe injuries. 


The court has reviewed the petition and finds the settlement terms to be fair and reasonable.  According to the petition, minor claimant and her parent were walking in a crosswalk when they were both struck by defendant’s vehicle.  Minor claimant suffered a scratch and cut on forehead; neck, hand, shoulder, tibia/fibula and left ankle pain; headaches; and anxiety.  She has recovered completely from the effects of the injuries and there are no permanent injuries. 

The parties settled for $9,220.  The total amount of attorney’s fees is $2,305, attorney’s costs of $683.98, and $514.53 in medical expenses, leaving a balance of $5,716.49 to be deposited into a blocked account.  Minor claimant’s parent sustained more severe injuries and was apportioned $50,000.

The court is inclined to grant the petition.