Judge: Layne H. Melzer, Case: 2022-01266335, Date: 2022-08-11 Tentative Ruling

Petitioner Sequoia Companies, Llc
Motion - Other (For An Order Approval of Transfer of Structured Settlement Rights)


The Petition For Approval of Transfer of Structured Settlement Payment Rights re: Real Party in Interest: J.R. is granted.


Procedurally the Court notes that there is no basis for the use of a pseudonym in lieu of the real party in interest’s full name.  Future petitions shall not be filed anonymously without a court order on an application to seal.   


After consideration of the pleadings and files in this matter, the Court is able to find the subject transfer is “fair and reasonable” and in the “best interest” of the payee. In reaching this conclusion, the Court has considered, among other factors, the payee’s current financial situation, the payee’s ability to understand the transfer, the payee’s lack of spousal or dependent support obligations, and that the settlement payments are no longer necessary for future medical expenses. (Ins. Code § 10139.5(a)-(d).) Lastly, Petitioner has complied with all statutory requirements, including notice and the requisite disclosures.


Petitioner shall give notice of the ruling.