Judge: Lee W. Tsao, Case: 20NWCV00035, Date: 2023-03-13 Tentative Ruling

Case Number: 20NWCV00035    Hearing Date: March 13, 2023    Dept: C

Home Designers & Contractors, Inc. v. Buono 20NWCV00035

Plaintiffs’ Ex Parte Application is GRANTED in part. The court will stay the proceedings pending appeal for no more than 10 days beyond the last date on which a notice of appeal can be filed, subject to plaintiffs posting a bond in the sum of double the judgment, which is $731,613.70.  (CCP 917.1(b).)   Moving party to give notice. 


"The undertaking shall be for double the amount of the judgment or order unless given by an admitted surety insurer in which event it shall be for one and one-half times the amount of the judgment or order. The liability on the undertaking may be enforced if the party ordered to pay does not make the payment within 30 days after the filing of the remittitur from the reviewing court."  (CCP 917.1(b).)