Judge: Linda S. Marks, Case: 01221553, Date: 2022-07-25 Tentative Ruling

Motion to Quash Subpoena


Defendant fails to prove personal service of the instant motion on MUFG Union Bank (MUFG) as required by Cal. Rules of Court, Rule 3.1346. Further, while mail service is permitted, Cal. Rules of Court, Rule 3.1346 requires evidence that MUFG agreed to accept service by mail at an address specified on the deposition record. No such evidence has been presented.

Further, the Opposition was not served on MUFG.

Tentative Ruling: The Motion to Quash Subpoena by Defendant Kimberly Kay Anderson Adessian is CONTINUED to a date to be determined at hearing on this motion. The parties are ORDERED to serve MUFG by personal service with their respective motion, opposition, and/or reply, along with any supporting documents thereto, with 5 days’ notice of this ruling.

Moving Party to give notice of this ruling and of the continued hearing date to all parties, including MUFG.