Judge: Linda S. Marks, Case: 2020-01149552, Date: 2022-08-17 Tentative Ruling

Motion for Summary Judgment and/or Adjudication filed by Brandon McGee, Serge Ulchenko, Dynamic Digital, LLC and Ulchenko Enterprises on 4/15/22

a. The Notice of Motion and Separate Statement do not match; The issues presented for adjudication in the Notice were not repeated, verbatim in the Separate Statement: 3 issues in Notice, 5 issues in separate statement;  Failure to comply with the Separate Statement requirement  constitutes ground for denial of the motion;


b. Motion for Summary adjudication shall be granted only if it completely disposes of a cause of action, an affirmative defense, a claim for damages, or an issue of duty ; Deft does not identify whether it is seeking to adjudicate a cause of action or an affirmative defense;


c. If evidence in support of or in opposition to a motion exceeds 25 pages, the evidence must be separately bound and must include a table of contents; Moving Pty filed 221 pages worth of evidence but failed to separately bind said evidence or to include a Table of Contents;


Deny motion without prejudice;