Judge: Mark C. Kim, Case: 19LBCV00255, Date: 2022-07-28 Tentative Ruling

Case Number: 19LBCV00255    Hearing Date: July 28, 2022    Dept: S27

Plaintiffs’ attorney seeks to be relieved as counsel, contending there has been a breakdown of the attorney-client relationship such that further representation is not possible.  The motion is denied for the following reasons:

·         There is no proposed order (CRC 3.1362(e));

·         There is no proof of service of the moving papers on Plaintiffs and/or all parties who have appeared in the action (CRC 3.1362(d); CRC 3.1300(c); CCP §1011);

·         The portion of the caption of the notice of motion and declaration where the date, department time, etc., is located is not filled in;

·         ¶¶5 and 6 of the declaration are not filled in.


Counsel is ordered to give notice. 

Parties who intend to submit on this tentative must send an email to the court at gdcdepts27@lacourt.org indicating intention to submit on the tentative as directed by the instructions provided on the court website at www.lacourt.orgIf the department does not receive an email indicating the parties are submitting on the tentative and there are no appearances at the hearing, the motion may be placed off calendar.  If a party submits on the tentative, the party’s email must include the case number and must identify the party submitting on the tentative.  If the parties do not submit on the tentative, they should arrange to appear remotely.