Judge: Nathan R. Scott, Case: Cardenas vs. Gutierrez, Date: 2022-07-22 Tentative Ruling

Plaintiff Lordes Cardenas’s motion to set aside is granted.  (See Code Civ. Proc., § 473, subd. (b).)


The 12/6/21 dismissal is vacated.


An OSC re sanctions/dismissal (failure to serve) and CMC are set for 9/22/22 at 2 pm.  


Plaintiff is ordered to file proof of service of the summons and complaint on all unserved defendants before the hearing.


If plaintiff fails to do so, the court may impose monetary sanctions of $500 against plaintiff’s counsel Paul M. Krueger and/or dismiss the action against any unserved defendant at the hearing unless plaintiff appears and shows good cause otherwise. (See Cal Rules of Court, rule 3.110(f); Local Rule 381.)


The clerk shall give notice.