Judge: Peter Wilson, Case: 2020-01141916, Date: 2022-07-28 Tentative Ruling

Having considered the papers, including all supplemental papers, filed in connection with the Motion for Approval of the $115,000 PAGA Action Settlement, the Court GRANTS the Motion subject to the following:


$ 2,000.00 for Plaintiff’s service award; 

$ 38,334.00 for attorney’s fees;

$ 4,657.15 for litigation costs;

$ 2,500.00 for Settlement Administrator’s Fees and Costs; and

$ 67,508.85 total for PAGA penalties with $50,631.64 to the LWDA (75%) and $16,877.21 (25%) to the aggrieved employees.


Plaintiff is ordered to submit a revised proposed Order in accordance with the above (fully completed with no blanks), with Ex. 1 (the Notice) attached (again, with no blanks except for the recipient’s name and address) within 5 court days.


Plaintiff is ordered to give notice, including to the LWDA and file a proof of service within 5 court days.