Judge: Randall J. Sherman, Case: 2021-01219806, Date: 2022-07-22 Tentative Ruling

The applications of attorneys Robert O. Sheridan and Christopher J. Eby to be admitted pro hac vice to represent defendant Kelcourt Plastics, Inc. in this action are denied.


Despite several opportunities, defendant and moving counsel have failed to show that they paid the $50 fee to the State Bar of California.  The court is willing to accept electronic service on the State Bar of California as substantial compliance with CRC Rule 9.40(c)(1), but defendant and moving counsel have made no effort to show that they paid the required $50.  Denial of the motion is proper under CRC Rule 9.40(b) due to the persistent failures to comply with CRC Rule 9.40.


Finally, the court notes that a review of the applications also reveals that they also failed to comply with CRC 9.40(a)(2) and state that the applicants are not regularly employed in the State of California, and failed to comply with CRC 9.40(a)(3) and state that applicants are not regularly engaged in substantial business, professional, or other activities in the State of California.


Defendant is ordered to give notice of the ruling unless notice is waived.