Judge: Serena R. Murillo, Case: 21STCV28882, Date: 2023-03-09 Tentative Ruling

Case Number: 21STCV28882    Hearing Date: March 9, 2023    Dept: 29

Motions to Compel Further are Taken Off Calendar.

The Eighth Amended LASC Standing Order for Procedures in the Personal Injury Hub Courts, states at Paragraphs "PI Hub Courts will not hear Motions to Compel Further Discovery Responses to Discovery until the parties have engaged in an Informal Discovery Conference (IDC).  PI Hub Courts may deny or continue a motion to Compel Further Responses to Discovery unless the parties have participated in an IDC before the scheduled hearing on a motion to compel further discovery responses.” 

Pursuant to the order, “After meeting and conferring about available dates for an IDC, the moving/propounding party shall reserve an IDC through CRS and provide notice of the reserved IDC to the opposing/responding party by filing and serving an Informal Discovery Conference Form for Personal Injury Courts (LASC CIV 239) at least 15 court days before the IDC and attach the CRS reservation receipt as the last page.  The IDC will not be “scheduled” by the court until the IDC Form is filed.  The opposing/responding party may file and serve a responsive IDC Form at least 10 court days before the IDC.  All parties shall briefly set forth their respective positions on the pending discovery issues on the IDC Form.”  In addition, please note that reserving or scheduling an IDC does not extend the time to file a Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses. 

Here,  Defendant filed a request for an Informal Discovery Conference on May 20, 2022 to be held February 2, 2023.   Plaintiff responded on January 19, 2023.  At the IDC, Defendant, moving party, failed to appear.  Thus, no IDC was held as required.  The motions are taken off calendar. 

Moving party to give notice.