Judge: Shirley K. Watkins, Case: 20VECV00195, Date: 2023-03-08 Tentative Ruling

Case Number: 20VECV00195    Hearing Date: March 8, 2023    Dept: T


Tentative ruling on Toney’s ex parte application to continue trial and for an order enforcing a settlement agreement between Toney and People’s Party


  1. Application to continue the trial is denied without prejudice.  The court will have a trial readiness conference the day before trial.  If counsel is engaged, this trial can trail.  The court confirmed with Dept. S29 in San Bernardino on 3/6/2023 that Mr. Wilcox’s trial has started voir dire today.  The Final Status Conference is 3/29/2023 and the court will require a Joint Witness List and Joint Exhibit List at that time.
  2. Application for order enforcing settlement agreement is denied on an ex parte basis.  As this case will be a bench trial, the court can set a hearing on this request at the start of trial.  The court will discuss this at the ex parte hearing on 3/7/2023 and will set a briefing schedule.